Cabo San Lucas is a Mexican city and it is well known for its weather and also for its good scenery. The exact location of this Cabo San Lucas is 800 mile from the tip of the Baja California peninsula. There will be two shores for that destination in that one is associated with sea of Cortez and the other one is located with Pacific Ocean. The Cabo San Lucas is exactly suites for relaxing your vacation with the most attractive nature. If you visit this place in winter then you can find the whales on some of the areas. You can access this place easily from North America by experiencing with various options like good hospitality, excellent hotels etc.  You can also rent a house or condo in Cabo San Lucas at

Development and transportation in Cabo San Lucas:  

Apart from the nature, it is also well known for one of its tournament which is conducted by highly paying Marlin tournament and it is commonly called as Bisbee’s loscabos offshore. The officials will conduct this tournament in every October without missing. The Cabo San Lucas was undertaken by Mexican government and did many developments in the infrastructure to turn this as a centre of tourism.  

Coming to transportation of Cabo San Lucas, it has a small international airport and it controls the air traffic for aviation flights and also it handles air taxi services. In waterways sector the country is also popular for port with many cruise ships. Apart from this many tourists don’t come with their own vehicle so there will be a lot of taxis that will provide services on the primary part of Cabo and also in airport. There will be local buses for roaming that is used by the local people and also it is available for tourists also. This is less expensive compared to the taxis. If you don’t want spend more for your transport then you can choose this mode inside the Cabo san Lucas.  

Things and places you should never miss in Cabo San Lucas:  

There are some of the places you should visit in Cabo San Lucas compulsorily are:

  • Lands end: This is the place where you can find good rock formations and you can spend half a day in this particular place.  
  • San Jose Del Cabo: this is well known as old town and separated by the corridor with more elegant resorts.  
  • Playa Del Amor: This is a beach and it is located near the end rock formations. You can spend more than half a day to have a good relaxation.  
  • Chileno beach: Most of the tourist love this beach and often visit it to see the creamy shore accompanied with more good resorts.  
  • Whale watching: Many people saying that whale watching is one of the vital activities when you come to Cabo San Lucas. The best time for whale watching is from Dec through April.  

Apart from this some places like golf courses, playa Medano, Santa Maria beach, Cabo Pulmonational Park will also give you the best entertainment. Go to these places for your vocation and spend a valuable time with your family or friends and have a great time.